7 Surprising Ways to Make your Dog Happy

A young woman holds up a joyful dog in the woods

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend, and the best companions we could have ever asked for. In our world today, they do everything from comfort the old and sick in our hospitals, to lead the blind and help PTSD recovery. Dogs brains are built to want to please, and this alongside a couple of others is a key factor in their path to happiness. Here are just a few ways to show your pup how grateful you are for them, and to make their little tails wag out of incandescent joy.

Reward Good Behavior

A fairly obvious one yes, but more important than you’ll ever know. A pup’s brain is built to respond to positive reinforcement; and much like a child, this comes in the forms or treats, positive affirmations, and other ‘rewards’. Saying yes when your dog does something right, or even just ‘because’, will not only make them incredibly happy, it will increase the bond between owner and dog.  

Switch Up the Routine

Nobody likes to be bored, and this extends to our furry friends as well. Dogs are stimulated by new smells, new sights, and different people / animals.

woman sitting on brown wooden dock with dog

If you walked to the same grocery store once and week and never did anything else, it wouldn’t exactly be exhilarating, would it? Dogs are no different. “Even a small switch up on your regular walk will give your pup some much needed stimuli and make their tail wag a little. For even better results, pop them in the car and take them somewhere they have never even seen before! That’s sure to get some tails wagging,” says Daniel Wilson, a writer at Write My X and PhD Kingdom.

Buy a Kiddie Pool

When I mentioned that dogs were like children, they are in more ways than one! Dogs love splashing about in some water, and even if they can’t necessarily swim a mile; splashing about in the shallow end is sure to bring about an afternoon of fun in the sun. Just make sure you’re okay to get a little bit wet first!

Buy a New Collar

You would probably get tired of wearing the same outfit every day if you had to as well! In a similar way to how

selective focus photography of short-coated brown puppy facing right sidenew sights and smells on your walking route will perk your pup up, this is guaranteed to make them smile. Though some are slave to their routine, they will instantly be curious about this new piece of jewelry, and it gives them a new piece of stimulus right in the corner of their own yard.

Give Compliments

Talking to your pup is the best way to build the relationship and maintain a lasting attachment, but sometimes we underestimate just how much effect our words have on our pups. “As they grow with you, they come to learn your tones and moods; and often understand (sometimes more than people), when you are sad, upset, angry, or happy. Because of this, positive and happy affirmations will mean the world to your pup. Even your standard ‘who’s a good boy!’ will give them something to smile about,” explains Ian Paulson, a dog expert at 1day2write and Britstudent.

Play Games

This is the most common idea, and written off sometimes as ‘normality’, be never underestimate the power of a game. From hide ‘n’ seek to a simple game of fetch, and even a treasure hunt (for the bravest of us), give your dog

something that switches up their routine, allows for positive reinforcement, and keeps them entertained for hours. Even if you only have an hour spare in your day, it is never a waste of time. And a lot of the time, it will make you even happier than it makes them.


Dogs are active creatures, yes absolutely. But they are also pack animals, who just want to fit in with their herd. If their pack is relaxing and having a cuddle, trust me; they will want for nothing. Lay down with them, teach them it’s okay to take a breather. They love a cuddle, and after a long walk there is nothing better than taking a load off and just relaxing.  

Sometimes I would dare say that we do not deserve dogs. They are so happy and carefree, and ridiculously easy to please. They aim to please, give us joy, comfort our hurting, and all they want is to fit in and be loved. Doing one, just one of these seven things will make their day. So far all the times they’ve brought you a smile, do something that will show them how grateful you are. I promise it will make you even happier than in makes them. 

About the author: Michael Dehoyos is an experienced content marketer and editor Academic Brits and Buy Coursework, where he works closely with companies of all sizes to improve their marketing strategy concepts. In particular, he enjoys working with companies to create more meaningful relationships and engagement with customers. Michael regularly writes articles for Essay Help, as well as having contributed to numerous other websites and publications.