10 Indicators of Your Dog's Declining Health

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Your dog is your best friend and a part of your family, and you won't want his life to deteriorate. Right?

Most of the time, it's reasonably easy to identify if your dog's health is declining or if he is unwell. Although your furry friend can't describe it in words, there always are some physical indicators and behavior changes that make it easy for you to know that your dog is ill. 

After recognizing the signs, taking your dog to the vet, and getting treatment done as soon as possible, it will be hard seeing your dog in pain, but you must do it for the sake of his/her health. 

10 Common signs of a dog's declining health dog might be:

1. Change in Eating Habits

If you spot some odd eating habits, your dog starts to refuse the meal or lack or loss of appetite; there may be some underlying significant health issues. Two days

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and your dog isn't eating the food properly; it's a red flag. Your dog might have some liver problem or scourging and bacterial pneumonia. 

But don't worry, take the flurry guy for a checkup, and he'll be okay.

2. Peeing in the House

When your dog starts wetting around the house, please pay attention to his health, as it might be a symptom of liver, kidney or adrenal gland disease.

Make sure he doesn't pee blood. If he does, he needs to be taken to the vet as soon as possible as it could be the sign your dog has stones in his bladder resulting in inflammation and urine infections. 

3. Bad Breath or Drooling

A somewhat worrying sign that your dog is in trouble is labored breathing. If the dog has difficulty in drawing and breathing, don't rush and stay calm and try to figure out the issue and wait for a few days. 

If there is no improvement, he might have contacted chest infection. Bad breathing and drooling has a direct impact on animals' lungs and increases their chances of chest diseases.

4. Change in Drinking

If you notice your dog thirsty all the time or disinterested in drinking water, he might need veterinary support. 

Drinking more than enough water can indicate diabetes or

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kidney problems in your dog. If you find the water bowl frequently empty, consult the vet, your dog might need medications. 

5. Change in Stool or Vomiting

Different websites to buy assignment suggests when your dog starts throwing up frequently don't stay relaxed. It might be a reason for liver failure. 

Oftentimes while traveling with dogs, they become nauseas due to motion sickness or food poisoning and starts vomiting. If it happens rarely, then it is fine but do not ignore this. 

In an extreme case, when your dog vomits blood accompanied by lethargy and weight loss, go for a vet's help as excessive vomiting could be a reason for lungs and kidney infections.  

Excessive blood in your dog's feces is the most alarming sign that he has a critical disease. The disease can be chronic ulcers or cancer. If you see blood in your dog's poop, make sure he is immediately examined by the vet.

6. Dry or Itchy Skin and Rashes

Smooth skin is the indication of a healthy pet. Shiny hairs and pigmented skin is a good sign that your dog is doing great.

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However, excessive scratching, rashes, inflammation and redness can indicate that your dog has some underlying health issues. 

If your dog is just scratching his body, there's nothing to worry about as it may be because of mites and parasites presence but make sure to get good ointments to avoid causing any serious damage to the skin.

7. Weeping, Red, or Cloudy Eyes

Bloodshot and cloudy eyes with sneezing might suggest your dog has allergies or the presence of an infection that can affect your doggo's upper respiratory tract. 

When your dog gets sore eyes, it is most likely to be due to an eye infection, which can bring great discomfort for your dog and can be contagious.

Try to figure out the treatment by yourself or take an appointment with the doctor.

8. Change in Activity and Energy Level

It's upsetting when your dog is lethargic and not interested in a long walk at the beach.

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If your dog wants to sleep all day and has a loss of energy, then there's definitely a problem. Laziness can be the result of many health issues. But, one of the cheap dissertation writing services UK states, the most serious causes are diabetes, cancers and heart diseases.

9. Difficulty in Movement, Rising, and Climbing Stairs

When your dog starts limping or finds trouble moving and climbing, he might have joint pain or a fractured bone which only the vet can confirm.

10. Sleeping too much

Excessive sleeping is a sign of age-related diseases and problems. Hours and hours of snoozing indicates your dog is becoming lazy and tired or might have thyroxine deficiency, for which you need to seek veterinary attention as soon as possible. 

Don't Worry ☺

I hope no dog ever has to go through such problems because as difficult it is for our dogs, it's also not easier for us to see them suffer through these conditions.

However, if you find these symptoms in your dog, stay calm and don't panic. Take his beauty to the vet, give proper rest, stay close and avoid introducing him to new places and pets, and you'll soon see him running around the street. 

About the author: Stella Lincoln is an Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer. She is a single mother and loves to spend her leisure time with her kids and pets. Stella is a tech geek and also a digital marketer at best dissertation writing services UK.