How do our Carriers Work?

It's simple, really. Our product is meant to help you get closer than ever to your best friend. A K9 Sport Sack® backpack carrier isn't meant to take away from your pet's exercise, rather to give your pet a needed break from a hike or to ride a bike. Our carriers allow you to take your dog or pet on adventures or to places you never thought possible. No dog is left behind with K9 Sport Sack®.

How do I get my dog into a K9 Sport Sack carrier?

Getting your dog into a backpack carrier can be a breeze! With the right method, practice, and a treat or two, you and your dog will soon be on to endless adventures together. We've found there are two ways that work best.

How can I best enjoy my K9 Sport Sack carrier?

Nothing will help you and your dog get used to the carrier more than repetition and experience. This will help both of you have more success in future adventures.

Tips & Tricks
  • As you get your dog into the K9 Sport Sack, help your dog associate the bag immediately with a positive experience.
  • Using treats, praise, and patience goes a long way to helping your dog get into the carrier.
  • Do something nice and easy the first few tries in the carrier to get used to carrying the extra weight of a live animal on your back.
  • If you find yourself in a location or environment where there are a lot of distractions, take your dog alone to a calm and quiet place and try there.
  • Listen to the queues your dog is giving you while in the carrier to determine how long you should using it each time.
      Suggested Use
      • We recommend using the carrier between 30-45 minutes at a time and at least 20 minutes before going back in to allow your dog to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, etc. 
      • Use the carrier ONLY for activities you feel 100% comfortable and safe to participate in.
      • Please be aware of your own physical strength and the additional weight of your dog on your back before doing any activities. 

        More Frequently Asked Questions

        Is a K9 Sport Sack backpack carrier safe to use?
        • Our carriers were designed under the close supervision of multiple veterinarians to ensure maximum comfort and safety.
        • If the K9 Sport Sack is used properly, you should not have any issues with your dog.
        • Each model (except for the Urban 2) is equipped with a lumbar strap for extra back support. However, if your dog has pre-existing health concerns we recommend consulting your veterinarian before purchasing. During the consultation, it will be important to know your dog may stand on the base of the bag at first, but will settle in to sit in an upright position on their bottom. Their front paws will be exposed and resting on your shoulders.
        • We recommend using the carrier for 30-45 minutes at a time.
        What size should I get for my puppy?
        • Try to get an idea for how big your dog will become (weight, length from collar to base of tail, and chest girth) based from the breed or parents. Then, purchase the carrier that matches with the potential sizing along with a booster block or two.
        Why does the carrier sit so low on my back?
        • Pull down on both shoulder straps to lift your bag up. If you are with another person, have them gently lift the base of the carrier up as you pull down on the shoulder straps.
        • Your dog should be able to see over your shoulders and rest their paws there as well.
        • If you’ve done this and your dog is still sitting low in the carrier, please call 385.515.8908, send us a message on social media, or email for additional support.
        Why does my dog lean backwards?
        • Some dogs really love to lean back into the K9 Sport Sack. This is completely normal and natural.
        • Please make sure you have tightened your collar enclosure and angled side cinch straps to help your dog stay forward in the bag.
        Why does my dog pull its front paws back into the carrier?
        • If you have the right size and are wearing the carrier correctly, it’s not a problem if your dog prefers to ride in the K9 Sport Sack with their paws inside of the carrier.
        • If your dog is too small for the bag and isn’t able to put their paws through the arm holes, you need to either exchange the bag out for the right size or get a booster block to give your dog a lift inside the carrier.
        • You may also need to pull the collar enclosure a bit tighter and make sure the carabiner clip is clipped to your dog’s collar.
        Why are the shoulder straps digging into my armpit?
        • Tighten the chest clip and/or hip belt if your model comes with one. If this is still causing discomfort, we recommend loosening the shoulder straps slightly to alleviate that pain.
        How can I tell if my K9 Sport Sack is the right size before making an exchange?
        • Make sure your dog is sitting in the bag and not standing. It’s common for a dog to initially stand in the carrier, but with time settle into the carrier, resting on its hind legs and rear.
        • Once your dog is settled in, a clear indicator of the carrier being the wrong size is where your dog’s collar is in relation to the carrier. If your dog’s collar is sticking out 6+ inches outside of the bag, the carrier is too small. If your dog seems low and drowning in the fabric, the carrier is too big.
        • Instead of an exchange, consider getting a booster block if your dog is riding too low in the carrier.
        • Please call 385-515-8908, email, or send us a message on social media for additional support before exchanging or returning. We will help as best we can!
        Why won't my dog get into the K9 Sport Sack?
        • This issue generally occurs when people use the wrong method of getting their dog into the bag.
        • Ensure you start with the dog's paws first instead of their bottom. Refer to the videos above for instruction.
        • Using treats, praise, and patience goes a long way in helping your dog get into the carrier.
        • If you find yourself in a location or environment where there are a lot of distractions, take your dog alone to a calm and quiet place and try there.


        K9 Sport Sack does not assume any liability for accidents of any kind.