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"A good option for anyone who wants to take their dog on the subway or train..."

"Leaving your dogs behind... is never fun, and if you could take them everywhere, you totally would. And now, you can."

A dog owner's first words uttered usually are: "Can I bring my dog?" With this convenient backpack, now they can!

"If you’re an outdoor adventurer, then the K9 Sport Sack is the device you never knew you needed."

Bike Rides

The K9 Sport Sack was designed exactly for this! Let your pup feel the wind in its face.

Public Transportation

Pets can be allowed on public transportation as long as they are in carriers and the K9 Sport Sack fits that bill.


We know your dog was meant to walk and play, but when he/she tires out or gets hurt we're here for relief!

City Life

Keep you pet off the ground and on your back when shopping or strolling around town.