The Top 13 Breeds that Need a Backpack Dog Carrier

Dogs of all breeds and sizes lined up against a wall

It’s estimated that there are over 400 different dog breeds in the world...and that’s not even taking into account mixes! So, which of this long-list of dog breeds are most suited to a backpack dog carrier?

When the first backpack dog carriers hit the market they were designed for small toy dog breeds that were light and easy to carry around. The initial structure of these backpacks, much like any first edition product, lacked lightweight fabric and minimalist design. 

But as society has become more conscious about healthy living and getting outdoors with their dogs, carrier backpacks have had to adapt and change with the times. K9 Sport Sack, for example, has been working tirelessly with vets and experts in the pet industry since 2010 to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

There are now 6 different backpack designs (2 of which are available to ship directly from Canada) that are suitable for almost any breed of dog. We've put together a short list of dogs that are more likely to benefit from seeing the world from the unique vantage point of your shoulders. Let’s take a look at 13 of those!

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1. French Bulldog

Frenchies are one of the most popular dog breeds of this decade and for good reason. Their smushed faces, bat-like ears, hilarious demeanor, and irresistible personality are just a few of the reasons why. 

This breed of dog is an especially good candidate for a dog carrier backpack due to their susceptibility to heat exhaustion and a tendency to run out of puff quickly.

Here is a snap from our Instagram feed of a Frenchie loving the backpack lifestyle:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


2. Pomeranian

Pomeranians, or Pom-Pom’s as they are often endearingly called, are a small dog with a big heart. In fact, they are even smaller than they appear, due to their thick double coat creating a fluffy appearance. 

Pomeranians aren’t the most athletic dog - making them not only great apartment and lapdogs but also the perfect pup for exploring the world in a dog carrier backpack. 

Here’s a cute Pom-Pom enjoying the outdoors in luxury:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


3. Dachshund

Doxies, Sausage Dogs, or Dachshunds… whatever name you choose to call this uniquely structured dog, you’re bound to fall in love with one as soon as they enter your life. Whether it’s their floppy ears, long bodies, stout legs, or larger than life personalities, Dachshunds make for a great companion.

Surprisingly, Doxies have a lot of energy and can be quite quick across the ground. But their will to exercise can be detrimental in later life. Over-running a Doxie can result in back issues and other health concerns. With that in mind, why not extend their livelihood without sacrificing the adventures? Get your Doxie a dog carrier backpack!

A big concern for Dachshund owners is that being in an upright position could have a negative impact on their dog’s back. This isn’t 100% accurate when it comes to dog backpacks. For example, the K9 Sport Sack is designed to support Doxies in all the right areas, and if used for the recommended 30-45 minutes at a time can actually enhance the physical wellbeing of your dog.

Look how comfortable this Dachshund looks?!?!

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


4. Welsh Corgi

Officially known as Pembroke Welsh Corgis, these pups were bred to be herding dogs. Despite their short legs, Corgis are known to be agile, energetic, and playful dogs. 

Even with this agility and playfulness, Corgis also love the vantage point of their human’s shoulders! In fact, Corgis are one of the most common breeds of dog to enjoy the K9 Sport Sack.

Below is a fluffy Corgi taking a bike ride in our dog carrier backpack:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Air, Air Plus, Urban, Rover, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


5. Beagle

A favorite family dog for decades, the Beagle is recognized by their white and fawn-colored coat, big puppy dog eyes, and floppy ears. 

Even though Beagles love to exercise, they are also extremely intelligent and get stir crazy if left for long periods at home. This, along with their size, makes them a good fit for a dog carrier backpack so you can take them on all of your day-to-day adventures.

This dog owner has two Beagles and a bike… it still works!

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


6. Schnauzer

Sometimes looks can be deceiving but that isn’t the case with this dog breed. Their long, grey beard, is a direct reflection of their willingness to exercise. So, if you want to take your Schnauzer to see the world you’ll likely need a carrier device.

The Schnauzer in its original form is a medium-sized dog, but there is also a Miniature Schnauzer, too. Both are an appropriate size to jump into a dog carrier backpack.

Check out this Schnauzer enjoying the city life from up high:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Air, Air Plus, or Urban (Miniature). Rover (Standard)


7. Border Collie

The Border Collie is probably the last dog you expected to see on this list. They’re high-energy, active dogs due to their herding background. However, they’re also a very gentle and loving breed, which makes them popular with families.

It’s their loving nature that makes Border Collies a top pick for a dog carrier backpack. Yes, they could probably handle all the terrain that you can - maybe even more! But, they’ll be happy jumping on your back and riding first class for a while.

Look how comfortable this Border Collie is while soaking up a nature walk:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Knavigate or Rover


8. Shih Tzu

A quintessential lapdog, the Shih Tzu rarely weighs more than 15 pounds. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. Much like Schnauzers and some other dogs on this list, Shih Tzu’s don’t need a lot of exercise and would prefer that you pampered them with a trip in a dog carrier backpack.

Rain, hail, shine… or snow, like the dog below, a Shih Tzu will be ready for a luxurious trip on your back.

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


9. Cavalier King Charles

While there are some exceptions, it’s obvious from this list that small-to-medium dog breeds are more suited to a dog carrier backpack. The Cavalier King Charles considered a ‘Toy Breed’ and epitomized by their long locks of light brown and white fur draped down cute floppy ears, are another example of a dog born to be carried.

The picture below shows the ease with which one of these dogs props up in the K9 Sport Sack and enjoys a stroll.

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


10. Pug

Pugs, much like other Brachycephalic dog breeds that have snub noses and smushed faces, struggle to breathe when put under too much duress in hot conditions. In saying that, they still love to play, get outdoors, and would prefer not to be left alone. They’re a very clingy dog breed!

All of these characteristics, along with their small stature, mean they love to ride along in a backpack.

Don’t be alarmed by the way this Pug’s eyes are popping, that’s just how they look!

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, Urban or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


11. Poodle

Their intelligent nature and curly locks that catch any minor shedding mean the Poodle is regularly mixed with other dog breeds to share these sought-after traits. Whether it’s the Cavadoodle, Cockapoo, or just a Miniature Poodle, these smaller Poodle varieties are all the rage at the moment. 

As it turns out, the Poodle is another breed of dog that doesn’t require excessive amounts of exercise and would be happy to travel around on your back.

Check out this Miniature red Poodle cruising around town:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, or Urban (small Poodle varieties). Rover (large Poodle varieties). Knavigate (small or large Poodles).


12. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

The Yorkie is a popular apartment dog because it is hypoallergenic, requires minimal exercise, and, of course, is super cuddly. For the most part, Yorkies are light, placid, and enjoy spending time on their owner’s laps.

With such small legs, these dogs aren’t made for long hikes or adventurous walks, which is why a carrier backpack could be a welcome accessory.

Here’s a Yorkie relaxed and happy after completing a hike with their owner:

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Urban, or Knavigate (small or large breeds).


13. Little Mixes

Yes, this list is meant to be about the top purebred dogs who need a backpack, but there are so many mixed breeds that love living a life of luxury and adventure too. Whether your pup is a mutt or a commonly found mix breed such as a Yorkipoo, Chug, or Chiweenie, Iike the dog below, they’re bound to get satisfaction from the great outdoors in a backpack.

Suitable K9 Sport Sacks: Trainer, Air, Air Plus, or Urban (small mixed breeds). Rover (large mixed breeds). Knavigate (small or large breeds).


Wrapping up

There you have it, 13 dog breeds that will love the backpack lifestyle. 

Is your dog ready to ramp up their adventurous streak and see the world from a new and exciting vantage point?


About the Author: Will Blunt is the founder of Sidekick Digital, a publishing business that launches, manages, and grows brands with content marketing. He is also the proud owner of a French Bulldog and lifelong dog lover. Connect with Will on LinkedIn and Twitter.