A Weekend in the Life of a Suburban Dog Mom

Teddy the pup rides on his dog mom's back through the flea market

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Hi Everyone! We are Tara and Teddy, the duo behind the Instagram account, @Itsteddygrams, and the dog mom lifestyle blog, thedogtrovert.com. If you are someone who would rather spend time with your dog than people or if your first question when getting invited somewhere is “Can I bring my dog?,” then you may enjoy following along! For the past seven years, we have shared Teddy’s daily life and adventures through his Instagram account and in 2020, we started a blog as a creative outlet. We are a Baton Rouge, Louisiana based Millennial Dog Mom and Shichon pup sharing our dog centered life. 

Years ago, before I even got Teddy, I lived in the DC area. I had just graduated from college and wanted a dog of my own. Anytime I would see a dog out on the town, I would have to say hello and check out what kind of fun accessories dog owners had. I remember seeing a dog inside a backpack for the first time. I was walking around our neighborhood shopping district and I spotted a guy with a dog in a backpack and sunglasses. I could not believe my eyes! I thought it was one of the cutest things I had ever seen and I made a note to one day buy my future pup a backpack and sunglasses.

Teddy the dog in a K9 Sport Sack at the farmers market

Anyone who knows Teddy knows he absolutely loves to go on walks! He was raised as a puppy living in an apartment in the heart of Houston, so walks have always been a major part of his daily routine. When we moved to Baton Rouge in 2015, we bought our first house with a large yard just for Teddy. Little did we know that he would have little interest in his yard and would continue to demand at least two walks per day. Going on walks together is my favorite thing too because it gets me and my husband outside to get some exercise while also enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. 

Our life is largely centered around Teddy. Spending time with him is our favorite thing to do when we aren’t at work, so we try to include Teddy in as many activities as possible. Every weekend we hit the town with Teddy! A typical weekend includes a long walk at the park, lunch on a patio, and a local farmers or arts market if we can find one. Typically when we go out on the weekends with Teddy, he always walks or I pick him up and carry him if the crowds get too big or if it gets too hot. Teddy is a small breed dog, only weighing about 13 pounds, so he’s not impossible to carry but it does get my arm workout in when I have to carry him for longer periods of time when we are out. Sometimes we bring his stroller but that can be a hassle to transport. 

How We Chose Which K9 Sport Sack Fits Our Lifestyle

Over the years I have seen dogs online in backpacks but always kind of thought that Teddy wouldn’t enjoy it or we’re not “outdoorsy” enough to use a backpack for Teddy. I was so excited to find that K9 Sport Sack had a bag that fits our lifestyle! After reading up on the different style of bags, we thought that the “Urban 2” would be a perfect fit for our suburban life. The first thing that caught my eye was that the bag was very stylish! I absolutely love the navy blue color. I also liked that it has vents to allow airflow, a must for hot and humid climates, like Louisiana. This bag says it is best suited for non-strenuous activities such as short walks, public transit, and more. The “Urban 2” sounded like a perfect bag to use for Teddy. 

One thing I liked about the “Urban 2” is that it mentions that the bag is meant to be used for dogs to take a break. Teddy just turned 7 years old in September and while he is getting older, he is still a very young dog. He is full of energy and loves to walk, run, play, and sniff. Our intention when using the bag is to allow him a break from all of the excitement or a break from the hot pavement. Even in October, it is still in the high 80’s with high humidity, so taking breaks from walking in the heat is super important.

Hitting the Town with our K9 Sport Sack Carrier

Teddy and his dog mom checking out the products at the farmers market

Prior to hitting the town in the Urban 2, we practiced with Teddy getting into the bag and walking around the house in the bag. I was a bit nervous when the bag first arrived because it looked very small. After watching the videos on how to properly get your dog into the Sport Sack, we got Teddy inside and zipped up. He was a little nervous at first but I think he has grown to enjoy it! He is hesitant of small tight spaces but he absolutely loves being held, so I think the bag is a great way for him to take a break without stress.

For our first official outing to use the Sport Sack, we hit the Fall Arts Market in a town about 25 minutes away from us. We thought the market would be the perfect place to make our Sport Sack debut. It is a dog friendly and outdoor market, so there is lots of space to spread out. When we arrived at the market, we let Teddy walk around and sniff. After about 25 minutes, I could tell he was starting to get a little hot and overly excited from all of the stimulation, so it was time to get him inside the bag! We found a quiet and private spot, away from all of the crowd and got Teddy zipped up inside. After he was in the bag, he was ready to see the market from new heights! 

In this small Louisiana town, a dog in a backpack at the Arts Market was a big attraction. So many people stopped to stare or smile at Teddy! He was having an absolute blast getting to experience the market in a new way. He loves attention too, so all the smiling people made him very happy! The Fall Market is held in an area called “The Antique Village,” where there are endless amounts of antique shops. The store owners and employees were more than happy to let Teddy inside to shop when he was inside his bag.

Teddy with his dog mom and dog dad

The market is super dog friendly and there were dogs everywhere. I was so happy to have Teddy zipped up safely inside the backpack because there was a lab dog walking with his family who escaped his collar and started to run off. Teddy gets scared of bigger dogs sometimes so having him safe inside his bag was a relief for me! Also, the market was very crowded so it was nice not having to worry about someone bumping into him or stepping on him. Overall, I was so glad we brought his K9 Sport Sack!

The next day, we headed to a local Blessing of the Pets festival at a church in our neighborhood. There were pets of all sizes there! We brought Teddy’s Sport Sack with us just in case there was a crowd. Again, he was so excited to get inside his bag once he was a little tired from all the sniffing and exploring!

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the Urban 2 if you are like us and live in an urban or suburban area. It is the perfect bag to take to local events. It is small and lightweight, so it is easy to just carry with you or wear on your back until you need to put your dog in for a break. I think this bag would be great for dogs of all ages and abilities, but would especially recommend it for dogs who are aging but still want to be included in your weekend adventures. It is great for giving your dog a break from the crowds! If you live in a more hot and humid climate, the “Urban 2” is a great way to help your dog catch a break from the hot temperatures and potentially hot sidewalks. Teddy gives the Urban 2 four paws up, and I agree!