Will my dog fit in a K9 Sport Sack carrier?

With a wide range of sizes and adjustability options the K9 Sport Sack® fits most small dogs, however, it is critical that the correct size is selected for your particular pup based on exact height/length measurements and not by breed or approximations. Please review our sizing page to ensure that you have the correct fit for the safest experience possible.  

How do I train my dog to get in the K9 Sport Sack?

There is no one perfect method to train your dog to use the K9 Sport Sack® but we have included a few key examples you can find on our K9 Sport Sack YouTube Channel. In short, we have put over 30,000 dogs in our carriers and the more we practiced, the more dogs seemed to like being put in. Whatever method you and your dog settle on, DON'T GIVE UP! Use our Hints and Tricks and always remember to contact us for additional help or time to train your dog. It will be worth it!

How is my dog positioned and is it comfortable?

The K9 Sport Sack® was developed under the close direction of veterinarians, dog trainers and outdoor products engineers to ensure the maximum comfort for your pup. He/she sits in the “begging” position which is a natural short-term stance and as long as all of our Health and Safety policies are carefully studied and followed, all the proper Safety Features are employed and your dog is healthy when going in the carrier, he/she will be healthy when they come out.

Do most dogs enjoy the K9 Sport Sack?

Yes! That does not mean that all dogs will take to the K9 Sport Sack® right away and it may require some training and gentle prodding but roughly 95% of dogs eventually come to love the K9 Sport Sack®. 

This breakdown is taken from our own customer feedback programs:

50% of dogs will take immediately to the K9 Sport Sack®.  

30% of dogs will struggle the first time but with patience and the right tone of voice they will go in on that first try, realize what is going on and settle into the adventure. 

10% of dogs will need some training to use the K9 Sport Sack®. Much like you had to train your dog to use the bathroom outside, some dogs will need several tries, some treats and just the right environment.

5% of dogs may require up to 90 days to become comfortable. If you are willing to try to train your dog for that amount of time then we are willing to extend warranties and offer whatever additional training and support necessary. Please contact customer support if you need additional training time.  

5% of dogs will never acclimate to the carrier. For as sad as that makes us, some dogs simply do not have the personality for it. If your dog is one of these we strongly encourage you to take the time and effort necessary to determine that.

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Is there a weight limit?

Yes! Through extensive research and field testing we have calculated the weight limits as listed below (see each product page for more information). Although heavier dogs may fit, any weight over the listed weight limit puts undue pressure on the bag and may result in an unsafe situation. Any attempt to carry a dog over the listed weight limit voids the K9 Sport Sack® Warranty. We reserve the right to request veterinary proof of weight on any return before issuing a refund.

AIR 2 - 30 lbs/13 kgs

PLUS 2 - 40 lbs/18 kgs


Is there a time limit?

The time limit is determined by your climate and activity, however on average we recommend that the dog not stay in the bag for any more than 45 minutes at a time. For hotter climates this number should decrease proportionally. For additional safety hints and policies see our Health/Safety page.  

Is it safe?

When used correctly, extremely safe! When we designed the K9 Sport Sack® safety was our priority. A full diagram of the safety features can be found on each carrier product page.

Is it adjustable?

Yes! It is still most important to select the correct size but the K9 Sport Sack® is equipped with a system of straps and clips that snuggly secure and limit balance altering mobility. Be sure you familiarize yourself with our safety features and use them to ensure the maximum safety and comfort for you and your dog. Booster Blocks are also available to lift your dog 3" inside a carrier in case your pet is in between sizes or is still growing.  

Can it be used for my disabled dog?

It depends on the disability and condition of your dog. Please consult with your veterinarian if you have concerns about how the K9 Sport Sack® may affect your dog’s condition. The K9 Sport® Sack was designed for healthy dogs and accepts no liability for the exacerbation of disabilities. 

Can my dog get out of the K9 Sport Sack?

If put in correctly, no. There are several safety mechanisms included in the bag such as the collar clip carabiner. If the dog is properly clipped into those failsafes it is impossible for the dog to get out of the bag unaided. It is critical that none of these important steps are skipped.

Is it airline approved?

No, sadly K9 Sport Sack® carriers are not yet airline approved. Dogs must be fully enclosed and placed under the seat in front of the passenger when on an airplane. However, you can use your K9 Sport Sack® carrier in the airport to be hands free while carrying your luggage. We are working on an airline approved model so check back often for product updates. On the flip side, try taking an airline carrier on a bike ride.

How do I keep my dog cool?

The sides of the K9 Sport Sack® are equipped with large gauge mesh to allow the maximum amount of airflow. At K9 Sport Sack® we are testing new cooling methods including jackets and insulators, however, currently the vents are the most up-to-date option. There are several companies that produce serviceable options for keeping your pet cool that will fit around the dog inside the bag such as cooling pads, vests, harnesses etc.

Even with these options, use prudence when carrying your dog in hot climates. Again, keep your dog hydrated and limit time in direct sunlight.

How do I keep my dog warm?

One downside to the ever-present vents is that they allow cold air in during wintertime activities. To address this we have created a product available from our USA site, the K9 Sport Snuggler, a down-alternative liner that seals off the cold air, keeping the dog warm and snug inside a K9 Sport Sack® carrier.

Is it veterinarian approved?

Yes! When creating the original K9 Sport Sack® our primary concern was the safety and long-term health of our own dog so we took that model to our local vet and had him go over the ergonomics with a fine tooth comb. 

Since then we have visited a veterinarian before every subsequent upgrade and have gotten a stamp of approval before moving forward no matter how small the change. So far we have gotten the same positive response along with reinforcements of the safety information contained herein.

Is the K9 Sport Sack® Washable?

Yes! Hand wash with mild detergent and hang dry.

Can I return/exchange my items?

Check out our Returns/Exchanges page.

What's your warranty? 

Check out our Warranty page.

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